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By on August 5, 2013

Global Surfing Wave Pool Destinations

If you are an avid fan of surfing, you can often have a difficult time finding that perfect clean wave! Thanks to recent advancements in man-made wave technology, Surfer-Sized Wave Parks are now a viable option and are sprouting up all around the globe! You don’t even have to live near the ocean anymore to enjoy surfing anymore. Now, you can travel to some of these remarkable choices in Man Made Surfing Wave Pools and Destinations anywhere in the world.

San Diego, California

The Wavehouse” in San Diego, California is located in the scenic destination of Belmont Park, right on the beach! You don’t have to wait for “Surf’s Up!” to take in the breathtaking ocean breezes while “hanging ten”. This place is a non-stop Beach Party! Not only does the Wavehouse have the state-of-the-art FlowRider and FlowBarrel wave machines, but it also has four different restaurants and several beach bars for a surfing experience that you will not soon forget. Their event calendar is always stocked with great events and sporting contests, from “Body Boarding Mondays” to Night Flight Thursdays” making it one of the best Wave Parks on the West Coast of the United States.

Wes riding the 41-X @ WH SD from Flyingfrenchman on Vimeo.

San Sebastian, Spain

The Wavegarden” is one of those beautiful Man Made Wave Pools that is located in a very unique location. Have you ever surfed in the mountains? Well, this impressive destination boasts the world’s longest man-made wave while also being located within the pristine Basque Mountain Valley! Enjoy surfing waves for more than 220 m without losing shape or form, traveling at speeds up to 120 waves per hour at a power of 270 kW! The Wavegarden is one of our favorite Wave Parks because it offers something for everyone. It has special areas and wave creations for children, for beginners, and for the more adventurous expert, all with magnificent views of the mountain range beyond!

Wildwood, NJ

The “FlowHouse” in Wildwood, NJ, brings the California Surfing sensation to the Jersey shore! This multilevel complex offers more than just the state-of-the-art “FlowRider” technology, a stand-up surf wave machine that allows participants to ride their surf boards for as long as they can manage, but it also offers a very “party” style atmosphere of food, drink, and merriment! This place offers the ultimate experience in beach clubs, located directly on the world famous 3500 Boardwalk.

Santiago, Chile

The “Wavehouse” franchise offers another impressive surfing facility located right in the heart of Santiago, Chile. Even though it is only minutes from the historical district of the city’s center, wave lovers will still see a glimpse of the mountain ranges beyond in the background. Not only can participants surf and body board on artificial waves, but they can get training in the facility’s Flow and Surf Schools. This Santiago location also offers the unique “Flowbarrel” concept, a creation that simulates Jacuzzi style waves on a very grand scale.

Lima, Peru

The “La Ola” Wave Park in Lima, Peru, sees nearly 2 million visitors per year. With a staff that is devoted to the sport of artificial wave surfing, they insist that they can teach anyone to surf easily on their two different types of man-made waves. The “SurfStream” is the stand-up option with sheet-flow simulation where you can ride a real surf board in style. The “PerfectSwell” is the second choice that implements pneumatic generators to duplicate the sensation of circular movements and swells that you would normally only find in the ocean surf!

Hallandale Beach, FL

The “Aquashop” may be located in Hallandale Beach, FL, but the entire facility is completely enclosed within a massive interior space. This makes Aquashop a popular destination for man-made wave lovers all year round. This facility offers the FlowRider Technology as well, which makes it the perfect choice for surfing, wake boarding, and body boarding for all ages. For the kiddies, there is also a special “Fun Center”, filled with inflatable rides and safe gaming activities for venting some of their pent up energies.

Kissimmee, FL

Fantasy Surf” of Fantasy World Resort is located just outside Walt Disney World, Florida in Kissimmee. Let’s face it! There is only so much Mickey Mouse and Cotton Candy that your kids can take on a Florida Family Vacation. Fantasy Surf also provides the FlowRider Technologies while also offering quieter dining areas for the grownups at ”The Lull Café”. One of the unique events that this facility delivers is the Summer Surf Camp for kids. It is a great alternative to the traditional YMCA Daycamps that we attended when we were younger!

Quebec, Canada

Maeva Surf” is also an entirely indoors facility, making it a great choice for wave lovers all year round in any kind of weather! After all, this is Canada, well known for its harsh winters of snow and ice. What better way to beat the winter doldrums than to “catch a wave” at Mauva Surf. Patented FlowRider systems are used, and this facility offers the very unique “Academy of Surfing”, providing professional instruction to multiple levels of artificial surfers from beginners to the more advanced.

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