Know Before You Go! Best Surf Report App’s for Your Phone!

By on August 6, 2013

Have there been times when you’ve missed out on a good surfing day? You were expecting non surfing conditions but in fact lost out on a good surfing opportunity. Say goodbye to such days, with apps like Surf Guru, surfline, magicseaweed, NOAA Ocean Buoys and Shralp Tide, you can get constant updates about the current conditions for surfing, view live streaming video from some of the best breaks and a lot more with just a click of a button. There are various surf report apps which provide information to enthusiasts and make this exciting activity available them.

Surf Guru

If you are using Surf Guru Mobile App, you will find yourself acquainted with all the details about current surfing conditions and you can easily get access to current static images from the official website which have been obtained using surfcams which have captured some of the best breaks in the city.Services like all surf report locations, live surf cams, wave model, news, profiles of surfers, local music scene and food reviews are provided to everyone interested


The Surfline iPhone app is one of the most widely using surfing apps which provided users with live streaming using HD camera of over 100 breaks all over the US and other places. Known for being the most accurate, it provides users with reports and forecasts over 5 days in advance for a varied number of surf sports worldwide. With just a wipe of your thumb, you have the facility for being able to move quickly between all your favorite surf spots. Features ranging from Advanced LOLA Tools, surf and wind graphs, surf height graphs, regional charts, tide forecasts and regional buoys to High-quality surf videos are available. You can sign up for the free trial for Surfline right from your iPhone or iPad and get a fine and premium experience of live HD streaming.


The new Magicseaweed iPhone App has been a recent invention. With access to the entire worlds surf report, this application automatically detects your current location and delivers to you the live forecasts of give location nearest to you. The usual charts for wave period, swell sixe, wind and other detailed forecast is available easily.

NOAA Ocean Buoys

The NOAA Ocean Buoys App is an easily accessible portal for checkingocean conditionsprevailing around the world. With this technologically advanced application, you can easily find out if the swell is going to be hitting anywhere near your locality with the simple touch of a button. The app is available at a very cheap price is the next best thing for avid surfers.

Shralp Tide

The Shralp Tide detecting app is one with great information. The strength of this app lies with its simplicity and ability to get all information checked and delivered to you in seconds. This app displays the tides for upcoming days in the week and is available to users completely free of cost.
The time to miss good surfing days is behind you. Download these easy to use apps and enjoy the quality service provided.

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